Good public speaking skills are the easiest and most crucial skill that most of us need to take into the real world. One may not be expected to make ridiculous claims about a number of issues. However, one may be expected from time to time to make a speech that will really endear you to your target audience. Thus any form of persuasive/public speaking is an art and should be refined.

The Emalahleni English Orators NPC was founded in 2012, after 3 years of planning by the Incorporator, Mr. K. du Plessis an English teacher of profession.

The idea was to give a platform to learners, where they can participate against others in various competitions.  The first of these were public speaking.

This Company is registered with CIPRO.  The main objective is that we would like to give the youth of South Africa the opportunity to better themselves in the art of Public Speaking, as the youth of today, are tomorrows leaders.

The Emalahleni English Orators or EEO had great success with their competition during 2013 in Mpumalanga.  In 2014 the competition was spread out over Mpumalanga, KZN Midlands and Gauteng with great success.  During 2015 this competition had participants from Mpumalanga, Gauteng, KZN-Midlands, KZN-Coastal and the Free State.  The competition went as far as Limpopo during 2016.  2016 was a fantastic year for the Emalahleni English Orators.  With the success of 2016 we took the next step and introduced a reading competition which turned out to be an enormous success.

The board of directors took a vote and decided that the competition will continue under a new name, since anyone in SA now can participate.  With the start of 2017, SALA or The South African Literacy Association was born.  Same competition just with a new look and more divisions for learners to participate in.  SALA's numbers grew and with the coming of the '20, The public speaking was divided into two.  Participants can now enter into an English Home  Language division or English First Additional Language division.  The reading festival was also edited to accommodate home language and first additional language learners. 


SALA offers the following competitions in 2024:

Public Speaking
Reading Festivals
Spelling BEE
Creative Writing
Poetry Recitation


You can also follow the following link to download all our competition information: